More about me…

I’ve been taking pictures since I was a teenager and purchased my first Canon AE-1. I put the camera away when I was in my 20’s but took it out of hibernation in the late 80’s. I stated taking photographs of my oldest daughters theatre group. People were so amazed and the great photos I took and asked me what camera I used. When I told them how old the camera was they were amazed!

The rest has been a nice roller-coaster ride. I started experimenting with digital soon after the technology was released. I would first take my “money” shots with film then start experimenting with digital. That continued and I went through a few cameras until the Canon Digital Rebel cam out. I was in love! LOL I used and abused that camera for quite a while. In fact I still have it. It was my “car trunk” camera until recently. I probably should sell it but feel it will not be worth too much now a days…

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