New Store?

Perhaps not the most photographic choice but one that I hope to use as a tool for gathering information. There has been a vacant new store at the end of a small strip mall near me. It is finally showing signs of life and I’m wondering if anyone know what is going on there. I’ve posted to Facebook and will also ask around town.

There are prayer groups forming and beads being made hoping beyond hope that it is a book store. One can only hope but personally I think it’s on the small side for such a mighty addition to our township.

As you can see from the photo they are adding a curved feature to the roofline as well as adding height to the roofline at left which I find fascinating as well. There is an interior wall that is up just to the left of the doors that runs near the front to the back – not sure if it is continuous.

Perhaps a better way of looking at this is to make a list of things we don’t want it to be:

  1. Another bank
  2. Another pet store

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