Glinda The Good Witch


Glinda the good witch comes for a visit. Glinda will be appearing in Pre-SKIT’s production of “The Wizard of Oz” which will run from Feb 5-13, 2011 at VHS in High Bridge, NJ. For more information on the show and tickets please go to

For more PR photos from the show please go here.



Nasty row of icicles!

And you thought the icicles at your house were big. These had to be nearly 2 feet long on average.

The sad thing about icicles, even though they are pretty and interesting to look at, they are showing waster energy. What I mean by that is heat is escaping from the roof/attic so much that its melting the snow on the roof that then drips off and freezes if the temperature is below freezing. I guess that’s fine if you can afford that. But this can also lead to what is called “ice dams.”

I was planning on the photo of the day being some more PR photos I need to take. But the model is late so you will have to wait until tomorrow. But make sure you come back because it promises to be a “magical” photo!! It definitely will not be “wicked”!!


Frozen Musconetcong River

Frozen musconetcong river

Updated picture from a few days ago showing the beginnings of ice forming on the river. Thanks to some very cold mornings (coldest in 15 years) the ice is thicker and now covered with a thin layer of snow. That snow layer might get a little thicker by Thursday morning as we are forecasted to get 4-8” of new snow.


Coldest Morning in 15 Years


Talk about a cold morning! Following the –1 yesterday morning, this morning we officially hit –4. Then why am I showing you a picture of –5.6? This thermometer is not my most accurate one. I’m also a weather geek and have several thermometers.

For a list of other low temperatures please go to the NJWO weather blog.