Snowtography Take 6

The winter that just won’t quit. We received another 3.6” of new snow overnight.

And the hits appear to keep on coming. This weekend will feature the coldest air mass of the winter season so far. Overnight lows on Friday and Saturday night will be in the upper single digits and near 0 Sunday night. Bundle up!

The next storm is scheduled for Tuesday into Wednesday. Based on some computer models today this could be a good one that will drop lots of snow.

Remember these moments in July and August and it’s unbearably hot and humid!


Backyard Bird Feeder

My wife received two bird feeders from students this past holiday. I thought this a good time to take some photos of birds (never have done that before).

After doing this once I now want to try and capture them in flight and freeze the action. This will require a faster shutter speed than what I used here (1/100-125) and probably a higher ISO (100 used here) unless in full sunlight.

Additional photos here.

I also caught the bird seed thief in action here.


Freezing Rain Tuesday

We received 1.4” of snow (probably more) of snow overnight but then it changed to an extended period of sleet and freezing rain. While dangerous to drive and walk on it makes for some great photos. he only thing missing is the sun coming out right after some freezing rain – spectacular!

Additional photos



Took advantage of a very nice Sunday afternoon weather day to get some nearby outdoor snowtography shots.

A very cold night is forecasted with lows in the single digits. Tomorrow will follow with another cold day. Next shot of snow will be late Monday night with a gradual turn to sleet and freezing rain on Tuesday.

Additional photos


January 12 Snowtography


We received 6.9” of new snow from the most recent storm. We now have 9” of snow on the ground. It doesn’t look like its going anywhere fast. It looks to be cold this week with possibly a little bit more over the weekend and perhaps another storm chance early next week followed by a very cold snap. Whatever happened to the January thaw?