Wal-Mart Construction Update


Since I blogged about Target yesterday I thought only fair to mention Wal-Mart today. Construction of the new supercenter is coming along.

This is a photo of the extreme left hand side of the old Laneco. The are working from behind in the demolition. You can see how much ruble there is on the back of the building.

You can see the construction of the right hand side of the new Wal-Mart in the back left.


Target Construction


Target is working on the inside of their existing store and expanding the foods section. Coincidence that a super Wal-Mart is under construction on the other side of the road??!!

The storage containers out front are probably being used to store back room inventory and supplies as they construct the new food section which looks to be in the front of the store.


Spring’s Almost Here


The clocks have sprung forward and the temperatures are getting warmer. Today we are approaching 50. Unfortunately more rain is approaching as well but not as much as the last two storms hopefully.

After this storm pulls out warmer air will be around on Thursday and Friday with highs in the 60’s forecasted! Bring it on!


Delaware River Flood March 11 2011

BloomsburypBack at the Delaware River at the Riegellsville bridge. Result of the heavy rains from yesterday. 2.73″ fell at my house which is only 10 miles away. More than 4.50″ fell in places further north. This photo was taken when the river was approaching moderate flood category. More photos available in the gallery.