Delaware River Flood March 11 2011

BloomsburypBack at the Delaware River at the Riegellsville bridge. Result of the heavy rains from yesterday. 2.73″ fell at my house which is only 10 miles away. More than 4.50″ fell in places further north. This photo was taken when the river was approaching moderate flood category. More photos available in the gallery.

Flooding Rains

Yes it’s raining again. So much so that I first went outside looking for animals in pairs. I didn’t see any yet but I did notice water dripping out of an outdoor electrical outlet used for my pool filter. Ouch. So there is so much water in the ground that some of it is getting into the conduit and going up into the receptical to come out. Well it looks like I know what I’m doing before pool season opens…

Parking Lot Glaciers Recede


This pile of snow and ice was large enough to not only block out the stores behind it but the trees as well. In fact it turned into a mini ski slope. OK maybe that didn’t happen but this is what’s left of the pile after several heavy spring rains and warmer temperatures.


Delaware River Flooding March 7, 2011

The heavy rains on Sunday combined with snow melt to the north caused the Delaware river to flood. Luckily it’s not too bad compared to other floods in the last 5 years. However more heavy rain is forecast for Thursday. If we get another 2″ of rain, it could get ugly…