Time For A New PC?


All of the PC work from recent wedding and other events (especially video processing) has shown me my main workstation is getting “long in the tooth.

So I was drooling a little more than usual at a PC that caught my eye at a warehouse club. I could put those quad cores to good work…

Taken with Samsung Focus Phone camera.


Penny Meets Seaweed


So many great shots to pick from last night’s SKIT performance of “Hairspray!” I picked one of Cassandra as Penny since this was the first time she performed in the show as her part was triple cast. Great job!

Tickets are still available for this afternoon and especially Sunday afternoon BUT ONLY AT THE DOOR. Tonight’s is nearly sold out.



World Trade Center Steel Beam Artifact


Members of the Greenwich Township Emergency Squad transported an unusual patient this morning: a portion of a steel beam from the World Trade Center.

Several squad members made at least two trips to ground zero to provide relief. The squad was awarded the artifact and plans to build a memorial soon.

Look for additional photos and a detailed article appearing on the squad website in a few days.


Super Wal-Mart Construction Photo Update


Construction at the new Super Wal-Mart is certainly moving along. Most of the sides and back are done and a good part of the front. It also looks like most of the interior steel is in place.

The grading for the new parking lot is far along as well. curbing is going up in spots


Hairspray Weekend One


The opening weekend of Hairspray! went very well!

I needed to use my fish-eye lens in order to take this cast photo at the end of Sunday’s performance. As I get the opportunity to take more of these I’ll work on making them sharper of using a wide angle lens.

Great tickets are still available for next weekend on most days at http://showkids.tix.com.