Poster For Rent

While processing all my photos from “RENT” I decided to go ahead and create two posters from the show.

The one pictured here is similar in style to the original movie. I also made another one that is simply a collage of some of the best photographs from the show.

Photographs from the show are available here.


Shady Cows


Who knew cows like the shade. It’s hard to tell unless you zoom in but there are about 5 or so under this one lonely tree. What stuck me the most was this day wasn’t terrible hot compared to the last week. But it was a bright sun and I guess someone forgot the sunscreen. Nothing worse than burnt milk!



I call this one “Fire Palm” as it reminds me of a tropical palm tree. The weather this past weekend certainly feels tropical so its no surprise the fireworks took on a tropical feeling Smile

These were taken at the conclusion of Phillipsburg’s Ole Towne Festival.

The rest of the firework photos can be found here.


Motorcycle Fire on I-78

98 Fire responds to a call of a motorcycle fire on 78 west in the median about 2/10 mile west of the weigh station. NJSP was able to extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher. 98 Fire proceeded to extinguish the smoldering grass nearby.

Note: Pictures taken from a moving car with window up due to heat and traffic considerations.