Warm Winter Ahead?


I noticed the season’s first wooly caterpillar at my house. It didn’t look as big and woolly as past years. Sign of a warmer winter ahead? Or perhaps he was just reacting to the insecticide that was put on the lawn a few days earlier? Time will tell…



Sink Hole Back Home


The power was still out at my mom’s house so we decided to leave Long Island and head back to Jersey until power is restored.

Upon traveling back I came across a sink hole that developed on route 22 in Phillipsburg probably the result of the heavy rains from Irene. 6.72” fell in Stewartsville. good news is the sink hole is repaired and all lanes are back open.


Irene Follow-Up


I wanted to post more pictures from the Irene damage but forgot. One of the strangest is what appears to be the wallpapering of shredded leaves on all outdoor surfaces. This goes all the way up to the roof! This just goes to show you how incredibly strong the winds were and the combined rain acted to paste them onto anything and everything.

Power is still out at my mom’s house. No word yet on when it will be restored.


Hurricane Irene


As was well advertised, Hurricane Irene slammed into the tri-state area late Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

I was camped out on Long Island at my mom’s house (she’s 81) to help her weather the storm.

As can be seen in this photo, she lost a very large branch on a tree that landed on the pool deck. Luckily no other damage.

Unfortunately the power is out and I anticipate a very long time to bring it back online. When Gloria hit in 1985, she was without power for 7 days. Ouch.


Central Park Reservoir


On our last day in the Big Apple, we decided to rent some bikes and go through central park – something I’ve never done even though I’ve lived in the NY/NJ area all my life. We stopped briefly at the reservoir and I captured this photos. Yes the water was as green as depicted. But it wasn’t a bad green – sort of a tropical seawater type of green. I’m not sure if this is used for drinking in the city as I know a lot of their water comes further north in the Adirondack mountains.