Weather Equipment On Boats


While on my friends boat recently, I noticed these two large LCD screens on the console. “What are these for?” I asked. “Oh they’re GPS and weather information.” Pictured on the left is the GPS.



POTDWP_000669Upon gazing on the top of his boat, yep sure enough was a marine grade radar! How cool is that! For a mere $6k this could be yours too!

Thankfully there was no precipitation that evening – the echo’s you see on the display are the buildings and land around the edge of the lake we were on. It is possible to tilt up the radar beam and adjust the distance.

I want one!


Train In Concert


I had the pleasure to attend “Train” and “Maroon 5” in concert at Hershey, PA. There was almost a constant light rain but thank goodness it wasn’t a downpour.

It was the second or third time I’ve seen Train but my first for Maroon 5. I was surprised how many Maroon 5 songs I recognized from the radio.

I saw Train once years ago at a corporate conference. Train was the entertainment for our event of about 5000 business people. For whatever reason not that many people attended the event. Furthermore most of them sat in the arena seats (it was in Las Vegas) as opposed to standing on the floor. As a result I was standing two deep from the stage and had a up close and personal concert experience!


Thriving Ivory

Frequent blog readers may remember a few days ago I posted a picture of the Val Du Lakes concert stage and I mentioned I had a surprise coming up in a few days. Well here it is. I had the opportunity to get an all access pass to photograph “Thriving Ivory” and “The Vandriey” at Val Du Lakes recently. I had a great time as did my daughter!

More concert photos can be found here