Photos from October 29th 2011 Storm

I needed to be in NYC on Saturday believe it or not. Here are some photos of my drive home on interstate 78:

I also took some early morning photos:

More of these photos can be found here.

Winter Has Arrived!


On Friday morning we had our coldest morning of the new cold season so far. We also had our first freeze as you can see in the photo of ice on my deck to the left.

What was somewhat unusual is we had our first freeze before we had our first frost. We just never had clear, calm cool evenings in the 30’s so far. We had some early mornings in the 30’s but there was wind which prevents a frost from forming.

More of the frozen stuff is on the horizon as wet snow is in the forecast for Saturday. So I guess I need to put my shorts away?


Get In Motion


In continuing my theme of continuing education (sorry about the pun) I attended the “get in motion tour” in NYC last evening. It was 4 1/2 hours of training for photographers who want to take a step into filmmaking/video. It was very interesting and I recommend it.

They will be having other sessions in the NJ/PA area before end of the year. See website above for more information.




Frequent blog readers to this site know that I believe in keeping your skills up to date and periodic training.

I had the opportunity to attend Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) East trade show and conference. It was a day filled with lectures and seeing and hearing what’s new in the industry.