Samsung Focus Windows Phone Upgrade to Mango


OK this is a little off topic for a photography blog but it’s important and at least I took a picture of it!

If you own a Samsun Focus (mine is v1.3) Windows Phone, you need to use the USB cable that came with the phone (it’s labeled Samsung) and not any other cable. I purchased an extra USB cable/charger from AT&T when I got my phone last year and started using that cable for whatever reason. It wouldn’t let Zune software updates go to the phone! But the crazy thing is it let the phone charge.

I highly recommend the Mango update. It took a while but it was worth it.


Fire Prevention Is Elementary

Where did I drop that quarter?

Firefighter Cody shows students at the Greenwich Elementary school how a firefighter might greet you during a fire.

The Stewartsville Volunteer Fire Company is visiting area schools this week to recognize Fire Prevention Week 2011.

Additional photos from the demonstration can be seen here.