Nazareth USSBA Band Festival


I had the pleasure to be the official photographer for the 29th annual Nazareth Blue Eagle Soundfest at Nazareth High School.

Pictured to the left is the host of the event Nazareth Blue Eagle Marching Band.

For additional photos please visit the event web site here.


Amanda & John

Amanda & John pose for some pre-wedding photos. They both will be tying the knot in less than one month.

If at all possible I like to meet with the bride and groom 1-3 months before their wedding day to not only get to know them a little better, but to also get one great couple shot I can put on a business card that also acts as a keepsake at the wedding.

Additional photos can be found here.


Lookout Tower


Found right next to the Field House at Spruce Run reservoir in Clinton, NJ

I immediately want to get up to the top to use it as a photography point. But I didn’t see any way to get up there from the two rooms below (which are rest rooms). So I left baffled. Then I read a post on a nearby display area that showed an old drawing. On the drawing was a staircase on the outside on the wall showing in this picture. I guess it either became unsafe from a structure point of view or just plain safety as I’m sure kids would try and hang out up there.