Dance Recital


My youngest was dancing in her first college dance recital. They didn’t allow photographs during the recital but I was taken by how nice the red curtain looked before the show started!


The Light In Your Eyes


I grabbed a quick cell phone photo of my youngest as she was on the way out of the door. Being a dorky photographer I noticed the nice catch lights in her eye and needed a picture. She’s on her way to a tech dance rehearsal.


Turkey Day Football


Even though it’s a few days after Thanksgiving, I wanted to share this quick photo I took on my cell phone at the Turkey Day football game the other day. Yes this is High School football played at Lafayette college where 10,000 fans packed the stadium to witness the 105th playing of the two teams. Unfortunately my team (Phillipsburg) took it on the chin and lost to Easton 24-8. Last year’s overtime victory 0-3 still was sweet and helps ease the burden this year.


Christmas Lights Up


A Black Friday tradition since I’ve been on my own and home is to put up the exterior Christmas lights on Black Friday. Sometimes if there is a spectacular weather day before Black Friday I’ll do it then but *not* turn them on until Black Friday evening.

This year the Black Friday weather was outstanding for late fall. High in the low 60’s and plenty of sunshine.