Flying South


While out and about the other evening I heard a large flock of birds (geese) flying in very dark twilight after sunset. It took me a while to spot them because it was so dark but there they were. I had to use my Samsung Focus phone camera to get the shot – by the time I found and setup my better camera, they would have been out of range!


JCP&L Tent City


I heard on the radio today that finally all JCP&L customers that lost power are now OK.

The local electric company setup a tent city at our local mall. They used is as a central area for stocking supplies and it looks like doing the laundry and other services for the out of town workers.

WP_000959I even saw a truck on the high way recently from Alabama Power!


Snow Piles 9 Days Later


Out local mall is famous for making piles of snow big enough to block out the sun. So here 9 days after the unusual October snowstorm, here is one of the larger piles. I included my car to show the scale.

I’ve seen this one from the highway last week and it was so high you wanted to plant a flag on the top!


Perfect Saturday For A Church Wedding

Snapshot 1 (11-6-2011 3-50 PM)

Saturday’s weather was fantastic for a fall wedding – especially compared to last weekend’s snow!

Pictured here is the top of the United Methodist Church in Hamilton NJ showing the blue skies and fall foliage.

Additional wedding photographs will be forthcoming in the next couple of days as the pictures get processed!


Neil Boyer Collages

NB Phillipsburg 2011

In addition to taking individual pictures I also create collages for each school that participated at the event. I design these so they are at least 8×10 in size. Anything smaller would make the individual pictures too small in my opinion.

The rest of the collages from this event can be found here.


Clash Of Seasons

Believe it or not there is still some snow on the ground from Saturday’s storm. In fact there are some folks that still do not have electricity!

I have several big photo projects on the horizon. I’ll be photographing a band festival this evening then a wedding on Saturday.

Be on the lookout for some great shots!