Christmas Pageant Photo Books Available

I created a photo album for each cast (red and green) with the best photo from the shows. A preview of each book is included below.


Christmas Windows Stencils


I have a memory of doing these when I was a child. I wanted to start doing them again when my kids were little but couldn’t find good stencil nor the “stuff” to make it happen. The stuff turns out to be Glass Wax. I finally found some a few years back (actually I think my mom did). My wife purchased some new stencils from the dollar store recently so off I went. Good “clean” fun (pun intended since Glass Wax, when you wipe it off, actually cleans and shines the glass Smile )


CO Alarm


In what has been a series of CO Alarm calls, 98 Fire responds to another one on Wednesday morning. This is somewhat typical during the first real cold snap in the area and furnaces are working harder than usual. Also CO alarm batteries do not last forever and typically need to be replaced every 5 years.


Visiting Cat


I was sitting at the kitchen table early one morning reading the paper like I’ve done many times in the past. I glance up to look out the patio doors and I see this giant fur ball of a cat walking around my back yard on this chilly morning. The cat proceeds to walk up my deck and then stops where you see him pictured when our eyes meet.

The funny thing is this isn’t the first time this happened. Once several months ago he walked all the way up to the glass, sat and looked in. Maybe the kitchen was cleaner that morning and deserved more of a glance. Not sure if that’s it or he thinks he’s seeing another good looking cat Smile.