Dancing Frost

OK I know that’s a strange title. But as a photographer, its difficult for me to blog about this because I don’t have photographic evidence.


It was a cold morning (10 degrees!). As I greeted my rental car, it had a nice wintertime display on all the windows courtesy of Jack Frost.

OK here’s the hard part. As I started driving, I noticed one of the frosty snowflakes on the windshield started spinning! I can assure you I was awake and not hallucinating! As I picked up speed, the spinning flake flew off the windshield. It was so young!

As I drove across PA and into Ohio, below are some of the images from the road showing the recent snow and ice that was on the roadside trees.





Publicity Photos for “Aladdin Jr”

I had the opportunity to take some publicity photos for SKIT’s upcoming performance of “Aladdin Jr”. Look for some of these photos in local newspapers in the next week or so.

The show will run January 27-29, 2012 at Voorhees High School. Tickets are still available at www.showkids.org.

For the rest of the photo album please visit: http://www.dabourphotography.com/SKIT-Photos/Aladdin-Jr/PR-Photos/20887027_BXthXw

Publicity Photos for SKIT’s Upcoming “Aladdin Jr”

Presented as an animated slideshow!


For tickets or additional information please go to www.showkids.org.

Show dates are January 27- 29, 2012

Wal-Mart Walk-Thru


Three area fire companies (Stewartsville, Alpha and Huntington) performed a walk-thru of the new Wal-Mart last night. This is necessary so the fire fighters can be familiar with the facilities in the event a fire call occurs there in the future. They look for hazards as well as automated sprinkler systems and fire department connections to name a few.

I wish I could show you more photos but Wal-Mart asked me not to post them due to corporate policy.

Word on the street is the store is scheduled to open near the end of the month.

First Day Hike 2012