Labeled And Ready


I was asked to create some photos for the Stewartsville Volunteer Fire Company showing their use of their brother P-Touch labeler. They basically label anything that stands still long enough Smile. And rightfully so. When they are on a mutual aid call that involves several departments, it’s important to know, when cleaning up, who owns each piece of equipment and where it belongs (truck number).

Additional photos.


Clean And Ready For Service


I just got back my main workhorse, my Canon 7D back from Canon Professional Services for a clean and check. I highly recommend any serious photographers join CPS or related manufacturer organization. The fee is minimal and provides at least 2 yearly cleanings complimentary. That was over a $200 savings so far! On top of that they replaced, for no charge, a focusing band on my 24-70 L lens that tightened up the zoon ring. I didn’t realize how worn it was until I received it back.

Plus as a CPS member I have access to priority repairs if I need them. I remember about three years ago I dropped my camera (40D at the time) on a cement floor during a family photo shoot. Luckily it was the last shoot of the day and weekend. To my amazement the camera continued to work but then stopped working the next day. Took the camera to CPS and they had it repaired for a minimal cost the next day. They replaced more parts than I expected. It was almost as if I got a whole new camera.

I’m now ready for a busy spring photography season: weddings, shows and portraits!


Vestry Headshots 2012

I had the pleasure of taking some updated headshots for new members of the Church of the Holy Spirit’s Vestry last week.

John AltomKatie GnashFr. Philip Carr-Jones








There were also a couple of other vestry members who needed pictures. I “reused” both from the church directory I created a few years back: