Post Hurricane Assistance from Fire Department

Hurricane Sandy blew though this area on October 29, 2012. Electricity was taken out to almost all of the township residence at the height of the storm. Many homes also had damage to their roofs and trees.

The fire department made several trip to deliver non-potable water to township residence that have wells and no power for sanitary reasons. They made this trip on several occasions.

The fire company also responded to over 30 calls that were related to the hurricane. These calls were for wires down, brush fires caused by the down burning wires, fire alarms and CO alarms to name a few.

No one tells them to do this. Many of them don’t have power at their homes either. They know it’s the right thing to do and something they would want to have if it were them.

Photo captions: Firefighter Jim McAleer and Chief Joe Mecsey III deliver water to residents on New Village Rd that have wells for sanitary use in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy

Additional photos are available here

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