Car Engine Fire

Being a Fire Photographer, I get to go on a lot of calls the fire department handles.Some are photographic, and so not so much. Car fires thankfully get put out quickly for the most part. I was able to get on location to grab a few shots showing the actual fire in this case. Thankfully the driver was not in the car and is OK and the nearby car was unharmed thanks to their quick action.

Additional photos from the event are located here.

Graphic Lettering For Fire Company

Frequent readers of my blog or website will know I’m a fire photographer in addition to being a freelance photographers for the Express-Times. The fire Company I belong to is getting a new(er) ladder truck. A new truck will need new lettering and graphics to match the existing trucks. So the Chief asked if I could take some close up photos and forward them onto the graphic artist doing the stenciling.

I did both wide shorts and extreme close ups so the detail would be there.

Look for photos of the ladder truck soon!

More photos are available on my website

Importance Of Continuing Education

I’m a big believer of continuing education. I attended a summer photography conference that had some some live models to photograph after receiving some tips and instructions from the mentor present. The above couple are actually married for 5 years!

We also had a chance to photograph some High School Seniors. We did this outdoors at high noon. Usually a time of day you don’t want to take pictured because of the harsh shadows. So we used some off camera flash without high speed sync which was very interesting. Of course when it was my turn the fountains were idle Sad smile. I got one of the male model below

We finished up with photographing children. Since my kids are grown and now adults, I don’t get to photograph children that often any more. These two girls were adorable!

More photos from the photos shoot are available on my website

Playhouse Acting: Wizard of Oz

I had the pleasure once again of photographing and recording the video for the Playhouse Acting Workshop at WCCC.

It amazes me each year how these kids can go from no knowing each other or the show they are going to perform, to 3 and 1/2 days later put on a 25 minute show!

Additional photos are available here.

Elvis Has Left the Building

Actually her entered the building before he left <grin>. While photographing a dual 25th Wedding Anniversary event last week, they had a special guest. He not only sang but also acted as the officiant and the couples renewed their vows. Needless to say many of the words were re-written to recall some famous lyrics!

I must say he looks pretty good for 78!