Freddy Award Season Starting!


Frequent readers of my blog or visitors to my website know that I’m one of two official photographers for the Freddy Awards. It’s something I enjoy doing tremendously. It’s a lot of work at at times physically demanding but worth it at the end.

If you look in the upper right of this Facebook cover for the Freddy Awards you’ll see my photo credit.

Soon I’ll start the process of picking one or two dozen of my all time favorite photos for a gallery display at the State Theatre Annex in Easton, PA. Picking out so few photos among many great ones is like picking a favorite child when you have more than one. But it’s a process that allows you to grow and showcase your talents as well as the talents of those I capture with photography.

Here are more photos you may soon see in other promotions for the upcoming 2015 Freddy Awards!

FreddyAwards2014-105FreddyAwards2014-1113Freddy Awards Dress Rehearsal 2014Freddy Awards Dress Rehearsal 2014

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