Tip #1 For Better Indoor Sports Photos

A friend recently contacted me seeking advice on how to create better indoor sports photos. I passed on some tips and thought this would make a good series for my blog. If you agree and want to see more let me know!

Photographing sports outside during the day is relatively easy. You just have to find a good angle and click away.

Indoor sports is a different animal completely. It looks bright enough to our eyes but they can see more range of light than our cameras. Plus the quality of the light isn’t as good as daylight.

So what to do? Tip #1 is to put your camera in shutter priority mode. If you’re not comfortable with that or if it doesn’t support that then put it into action or sports mode.


On my cameras (Canon) it’s the Tv setting. Once you have it set for that then set the shutter speed to at least 1/800 of a second. Some sports will need it faster to stop the action. But the challenge here is you need more light since the shutter will only be open for a fraction of a second (1/800th of a second in this case). Making this change will stop your pictures from being as blurry.

Ok so now you do that but the pictures are dark, now what? Tune in for the next tip Winking smile

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