Tip #3 For Better Indoor Sports Photography

In our previous tips, we talked about the importance of setting the camera to shutter priority, and what aperture setting to choose as well as suggestions for lenses.

Tip #3 is ISO settings on the camera. There are basically three things that you or the camera need in order to take a basic picture: shutter speed (how fast), aperture setting (how wide should the lens open) and lastly what ISO setting to use (how sensitive to light).


For sports I generally recommend setting your camera to Auto ISO if it supports that. If it doesn’t then set your camera to the highest (largest number) ISO setting possible. You will notice more “noise” as you increase the ISO on your camera. The trade off is if you use a lower ISO the indoor action photo could be blurry or dark. I’d rather have a slightly noisy photo that is exposed well and freezes the action. There are several photo processing programs today that can reduce or eliminate noise in digital photos afterwards.


Some cameras have a H1 and an H2 setting for ISO. These have to be selected in the camera’s menu and allow the camera to take picture in even lower light. These tend to be more noisy that just using the highest ISO setting possible in your camera.

There are a few more things you can do to make sure you get the shot. Come back for more tips!

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