Macher Wedding Photography

New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Wedding day portraits for Greg and Cat

Cat and Greg’s wedding was delayed due to COVID-19 like so many others in the past 18 months.

Cat and Greg were a pleasure to work with. I also had the pleasure to create engagement portraits for them. Their sense of humor and adventure are priceless!

The church was important to Cat as her Mother also got married there.

I created a special image for them (left) that was very similar to what was done for her parents.

Their reception was at Hawk Pointe Golf Club in Washington New Jersey. I’ve photographed weddings and events there before. The location is ideal and the staff very friendly!

Wedding day portraits for Greg and Cat

Unfortunately Cat’s father came down with COVID-19 right before her wedding and could not attend in person. He’s now fully recovered and doing well! Cat and Greg put their wedding attire back on recently and we had another portrait session with her Dad! Look for an upcoming posting featuring those photos!

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