Dance Portraits for Katie

New Jersey Dance Photographer

With some dancers, you just know the first moment you see them strike a pose. Katie is one of those dancers.

We did a sunrise photo shoot with her in Chicago. Her style and grace are first class!

After the sun came up, we used the skyline of Chicago as a backdrop for some more dance portraits.

You can just feel the glow of the sun on her skin as she dances on the shoreline.

I wish I had a chance to create more of these with the reflection of the glass.

Ready for me to create some great dance portraits for you or someone you know?

I provide the following dance photography services:

  • dance portraits (recital or personal/groups)
  • action photos of dance rehearsals or recitals
  • candid portraits of dancers at rehearsal
  • video recording of events and recitals

In need of any of the above or want to find out more information? Please contact me at dave at or 908.995.7273

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