Dance Portraits for Leah

New Jersey – Lehigh Valley Dance Photography

I was fortunate to be able to create some dance portraits for Leah over a couple of days in various locations.

I saw the cat walking towards us as Leah was running for her jump. I said a small prayer and was rewarded with the photo above, on the right!

We were able to create a few group dance portraits as well. Morgan is on the left.

They worked on the timing of this photo for several minutes, but this was the first one captured and my favorite!

The next day we were inside a studio. If it looks like we’re in a back alley, that’s the look we were going for.

We finished with one of favorites from her session. The flowing fabric on a white background gives the portrait energy and grace.

Leah is a talented dance and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to more dance portraits in the future!

Ready for me to create some great dance portraits for you or someone you know?

I provide the following dance photography services:

  • dance portraits (recital or personal/groups)
  • action photos of dance rehearsals or recitals
  • candid portraits of dancers at rehearsal
  • video recording of events and recitals

In need of any of the above or want to find out more information? Please contact me at dave at or 908.995.7273

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