New Composite Sizes Available!

Three new composite sizes available.

The first is 10 x 30″ This composite is ideal for up to 6-10 images. It’s printed on a double thick matboard which not only gives it strength but allows it to display on its own or inside a frame. $119

Next up is the 10 x 20″ composite. This size is ideal for 5-7 images. Like the one above, you can have a name on top and year and/or dance studio or dance phrase on the bottom. $89

Last but certainly not least is the 10 x 13″ composite. This size can handle 3-4 images. $69

I’ll be more than happy to show you proof online of this before having these created – just ask!

And don’t forget to let me know the name on the top and if just the year on the bottom is OK or if you want anything else. The year on the bottom is standard.

All of these composites can be framed.

These new composite sizes join what I already offer:

5 x 30″ $89 can also be vertical
11 x 14″ $89
8 x 10 composite $69

NOTE: Prices current as of November 2022 and subject to change without notice based on market conditions.

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