Dance Portraits in the Snow

New Jersey Dance Photography

Dance portraits with Molly in the early morning after an overnight snowfall. Photo by DAVE DABOUR

I’ll start this story by pointing out that I have had the privilege of photography Molly for several years.

Molly has been dancing for many years as her older sisters also dance.

I’ve always wanted to create some snow dance portrait images. So, I started collecting names of interested dancers. Then waited. And waited. And waited some more on this snowless winter of 2022-23!

Then finally snow was in the forecast. Several dancers replied they were interested but ONLY if school was closed (it was an overnight snowfall). One of the dancers. Molly said if she only had a delayed opening, she would be willing to get up early for this! A teenager who would be willing to give up sleep in the morning to go outside and freeze for the art of dance photography. How can I say no to that! She’s a trooper!


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