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Family portraits for the Ireland family

New Jersey – Lehigh Valley Family Portraits Photographer

Portraits of the Ireland family in October 2020. Photo by DAVE DABOUR

One of the many things I love about family portraits is photographing families over the years and watching the kids grow. This family portrait was created just last year but they wanted me back for more this year! We photographed in a new location. The two kids are still as adorable as ever!

Candid Dance Portraits for Elite

New Jersey Dance Portrait Photographer

I love photographing the dancers at Elite Performing Arts Center. They are far from shy and are great dancers to boot!

I’ll be heading back there soon to create more candid dance portraits for everyone after a break last year due to the pandemic!

Family portraits for the Mandadi family

New Jersey – Lehigh Valley Family Portrait Photographer

Family portraits for the Mandadi family in October 2020

I love it when I first meet a family to create family portraits for them, they ask me if it’s OK to bring their dog. My reply is always the same: yes, if he doesn’t tear off my leg. I remember the dad saying, “that won’t be a problem here!” lol

Fall is a wonderful time to create lasting family memories. My schedule this fall is nearly full with few spots remaining. Contact me today to find out more or to get yours scheduled! Contact me at dave@dabourphoto.com or 908.995.7273