Water Rescue at Merrill Creek

Emergency workers from Merrill Creek Reservoir are seen here  towing back a boat that capsized on Merrill Creek shortly before noon today. None of the three men were injured. “Only our pride as fishermen was hurt” one of the three men responded. He simply said “we lost our footing.” He also went on to say he’s been a fisherman for 30 years and this has never happened to him before. Their 14’ boat was towed back to shore and is seen here being put back on its trailer. The water this time of year is very cold. Today it’s 48 degrees.

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Greenwich Emergency Squad 9-11 Memorial

I also attended the Greenwich Township Emergency Squad Dedication of a new 9-11 memorial on September 11, 2011. The squad sought after and received a genuine piece of steel from the World Trade Center.

Additional photos can be found here.


Warren County Patriots Day Recognition

I was quite a busy person on September 11th this year. Besides photographing the Tribute lights at night, I also attended Warren County, NJ Patriot Day ceremony. They have a 9-11 memorial under construction as seen in the picture above. This is an actual piece of steel from the World Trade Centers.

Additional photos can be found here.


Structure Fire

98 Fire responds to a call of a structure fire in a multi dwelling address. Upon arriving they found the upstairs of the older home filled with heavy smoke and a small fire in one of the bedrooms. The fire was knocked down quickly. No reported injuries.

Temperatures at the time of the call were in the low 90’s as the region has been under a very warm and dry spell lately.

Additional photos are available here.

Not A Good Way To End Holiday Weekend


Two cars collided on Route 173 and the exit ramp of 78 west exit 3. One plate had New York and the other NJ. Air bags were deployed but there were no injuries. That alone is a testament to air bags and new safety features in cars today.

And the next time I’m having a bad day, I’m going to think of the tow truck operator who climbed underneath the two cars (center), in a the leaking fluids and heat of the day, to hook up the car on the left to the tow.

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World Trade Center Steel Beam Artifact


Members of the Greenwich Township Emergency Squad transported an unusual patient this morning: a portion of a steel beam from the World Trade Center.

Several squad members made at least two trips to ground zero to provide relief. The squad was awarded the artifact and plans to build a memorial soon.

Look for additional photos and a detailed article appearing on the squad website in a few days.