Candid Dance Portraits for Elite

New Jersey Dance Portrait Photographer

I love photographing the dancers at Elite Performing Arts Center. They are far from shy and are great dancers to boot!

I’ll be heading back there soon to create more candid dance portraits for everyone after a break last year due to the pandemic!

Dance portraits for Chloe

New Jersey Dance Photographer

I love capturing young dancers while they are learning dance. The look on their face while they are learning a new skill and having a wonderful time is priceless! I create a timeless memory of several images and put them together in a composite that represents a wonderful point in time for the dancer!

Ready for me to create some portraits for the dancer in your life? Please call 908.995.7273 or email for more information

Candid Dance Portraits for Avery

New Jersey Dance Photographer

Another extremely popular item with dance candid’s is to take 5, 6 or 7 photos and combine them into a beautiful 5×30″ composite. This is truly a keepsake! It’s printed on durable double matboard and can be displayed as is or in a frame. These are ideal above doorways or in unusual locations and can be either horizontal or vertical!

Want me to create one of these for you? I’d love to! Please call 908.995.7273 or for more information.

Candid Dance Portraits for Ava

New Jersey – Lehigh Valley Dance Photography

Parents of young dancers have told me in the past they love my candid dance photography just as much (if not more) than my formal recital portraits. I think there is a place for both. But I understand why they love these. It shows them how their child is in dance class and is a wonderful snapshot in time for them to treasure forever. I create the composite of several assorted sizes and offer to personalize them with the year and the dancer’s name. They are printed on matboard and available for framing.

Ready for me to create these for the special dancer in your life? Have your dance studio contact me so I can have these created for you! Please call 908.995.7273 or email