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Headshots and Personal Branding Photography

New Jersey Head Shot Photography and Personal Branding Photography

When was the last time you updated your head shot?

Today we all live in a visual world. Everyone has a smartphone and we click on reviews before deciding on who we are going to do business with. So you need a professional up to date head shot to use not only on your resume, but LinkedIn, social media and so many other places.

What to take it to the next level and be one step above your competition? Then you need some personal branding photography. What is that? It several photographs of you in several different locations and attire providing service so your potential clients can see you in action and get to know you.

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Business Head Shots Available

Business Head Shot provided by Dave Dabour @ Dabour Photography

Business Head Shot provided by Dave Dabour @ Dabour Photography

Having an updated head shot is important now a days. Whether it be for your resume or social media, having one of these showing you at your best is a must have!

Dabour photography offers business head shots and portraits either in our home studio or on location. Inquire today!

Headshots for personal promotion


Whether it be fore your resume, Facebook or LinkedIn, having a professional head-shot is important if you want to be taken seriously.

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Business Head Shots

I also create business head shots for my clients which is becoming increasingly more popular in today’s job market. Why leave your important head shot up to a clerk in the web department? Hire a professionally trained photographer to bring out the best in you so others can see it!

Here is a photograph of Diane. I know her from Church of the Holy Spirit.

Head Shots for an Actress

Allison DabourAllison, who is very near and dear to me, needed an updated head shot for her college audition/application for musical theatre. Knock ‘em dead honey!

Vestry Headshots 2012

I had the pleasure of taking some updated headshots for new members of the Church of the Holy Spirit’s Vestry last week.

John AltomKatie GnashFr. Philip Carr-Jones








There were also a couple of other vestry members who needed pictures. I “reused” both from the church directory I created a few years back:



The Light In Your Eyes


I grabbed a quick cell phone photo of my youngest as she was on the way out of the door. Being a dorky photographer I noticed the nice catch lights in her eye and needed a picture. She’s on her way to a tech dance rehearsal.


Photos On A Windy Day

Its tough to take some nice portrait photos when you have long hair on a windy day!


Worth The Wait


I finished up taking some senior portraits of Amber that I started last fall. We started off outdoors and ran out of good light and didn’t get two poses and outfits that I wanted to get. Fast forward 8 months due to both of us being busy and I finally finished up!

Rest of the gallery can be found here.


Willis Brothers


I had the pleasure to create senior portraits of Brad and Sean Willis. They are fraternal twins and both not only recently graduated from High School, but also became Eagle Scouts!


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