Head Shots for SKIT’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’

New Jersey Head Shot Photographer

ShowKids Invitational Theater (SKIT) will be presenting ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in May 2023. I’ve been the official photographer of this wonderful group for over 20 years.

Above are some head shots of most (but not all) of the cast.

If you would like to purchase tickets to the show, please go here.

Headshots for Imani

New Jersey – Lehigh Valley Portrait Photography

Head shot for Imani in November 2022. Photo by DAVE DABOUR

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Imai for many years. She’s a musical theatre major in college. I first met her in Middle School theatre and then community theatre.

Actors need to keep their headshots up to date – especially if they want to go for a different part.

I now offer headshot resumes. You 8×10 headshot on one side and your acting resume on the back.

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What To Wear: Head Shots

Navigating the ins-and-outs of professional style can be tricky. Here are five helpful recommendations on choosing the right outfit for your headshot!

  1. Keep it authentic and genuine to who you are as a person. Don’t overdo it! Be sure that this is something you are willing to wear in your everyday routine.
  2. Sometimes, less is more. Begin with finding your outfit first. Find colors that mesh with your personality. Your outfit reveals who you are as a person!
  3. Have multiple options! We can shoot more than one look to ensure we capture your personality correctly. Try to mix it up, go for a bold look with one, and something more natural with the other.
  4. As Jennifer Aniston eloquently puts it in Office Space, “flair!” Accessorize for the occasion. For men, put on those cuff links, equip your best belt, shoes, a tie, and maybe even a scarf. For women, put on the bracelet, necklace, earrings, and throw on your best shoes! (They may not be in the shot, but they can instill absolute confidence needed for your headshot!)
  5. Try, try, and try again. Put together different outfits and see how they work together. Move around, look in the mirror, see if your spouse gives you a second glance as you walk past. You will know when you have it right!
  6. With all of this great advice, it sounds easy, right? It can still be tough, as we often overthink when we are trying to prepare. If you find yourself in a rut, feel free to reach out to me. I am more than happy and take pleasure in helping you succeed! Together we can create the perfect outfit.

Head Shots for Imani

New Jersey – Lehigh Valley Portrait Photographer

Headshot for Imani October 2020 by DAVE DABOUR

Imani is no stranger in front of my camera. I’ve been photographing her for years and look forward to more as she pursues her passion for theater!

When creating a head shot for actors, I always try to get them with different expressions. Imani’s gorgeous smile was my favorite every time!

When was the last time your head shot was updated? Off to pursue a career as an actor? Contact me today for more information or to setup your session! Call 908.995.7273 or dave@dabourphoto.com.

Head Shot for Justine

New Jersey – Lehigh Valley Head Shot Photographer

Justine’s headshot before medical school in June 2021.

Justine’s heading off to medical school and needed an updated head shot. I know she will do great and look forward to creating some graduation photos for her when she’s done!

When was the last time you updated your head shot? Business portraits also available as well as personal branding. Contact me for more details or to setup you session!

Head Shot for Addie

Addie came to me needing an updated business head shot. She loved it so much I’m going back to photograph her entire staff this Fall!

When was the last time you updated your head shot? Or how about some business portraits? I’m happy to offer these services in either my studio or at your business location.

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Business Portraits for Bob

New Jersey Business Portrait Photographer

Business portraits for Rob Fonte June 2021

Bob came to me for some business portraits. Sometimes business portraits are more than just head shots. This was the case with Bob. He hosts a popular podcast and his media team wanted some updated looks for him.

The requirement was a white or off-white background, waist up and a variety of looks. Bob sent some examples along from the publicist but I could tell he was more comfortable in front of a microphone instead of a camera. This is ironic since his son was a lead in a middle school theater production that I also photographed and my wife directed!

As time went on I could see he was getting into the role and everyone was happy with the results.

This is the final photo the publicist went with for their main publicity line. I recommend you lookup the podcast and give it a listen!

When was the last time you updated your head shot? Or how about some business portraits like Bob needed? I’m happy to offer these services in either my studio or at your business location.

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Headshots and Personal Branding Photography

New Jersey Head Shot Photography and Personal Branding Photography

When was the last time you updated your head shot?

Today we all live in a visual world. Everyone has a smartphone and we click on reviews before deciding on who we are going to do business with. So you need a professional up to date head shot to use not only on your resume, but LinkedIn, social media and so many other places.

What to take it to the next level and be one step above your competition? Then you need some personal branding photography. What is that? It several photographs of you in several different locations and attire providing service so your potential clients can see you in action and get to know you.

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Business Head Shots Available

Business Head Shot provided by Dave Dabour @ Dabour Photography

Business Head Shot provided by Dave Dabour @ Dabour Photography

Having an updated head shot is important now a days. Whether it be for your resume or social media, having one of these showing you at your best is a must have!

Dabour photography offers business head shots and portraits either in our home studio or on location. Inquire today!