Rain Machine Photo Sessions Now Available!

Dancers, Gymnasts, Cheerleaders and Athletes!

This is the photo session you all have been waiting for!! The 2022 Rain Machine!

I created a custom-made rain machine that not only does it all but with heated water from a swimming pool! This is the only rain machine in Northwestern New Jersey. So, bring your outfits that are OK to get wet, costumes, swimsuits, uniforms, or anything you want to dance, jump or cheer in and let’s create some amazing images!

The sessions will take place in the evening starting at 8:30 pm. There will be sessions on August 4-7th 2022. You can book an individual session or a group! I expect the slots to get filled up fast!

NOTE: Other sessions will be added based on demand.

August 17th is FULL!!

August 18th Waiting List Started! Fill out form!

If Thursday August 18th is good for you, please fill out the form/email/text me and let me know and perhaps it will be added!

Interested but can’t make those dates? I may have more in the future. Sign up to be notified when I do. Or better yet get your own group of 4-6 together and receive a discount!

Please go here to find out more information and to sign up!


Any questions let me know.

See you in the rain!


Newborn Portraits

New Jersey Portrait Photography

Welcome to the world Emma L! Newborn photos in April, 2021

Emma was a little princess and perfect for your newborn portrait session!

Welcome to the world Emma L! Newborn photos in April, 2021

Newborn photography is not like other photography and takes a lot of patience and planning. When you see how they turnout, it’s all worth it!

Welcome to the world Emma L! Newborn photos in April, 2021

What makes these portraits so special is they are repeat clients that I love to photograph. Not only did I photograph their engagement and wedding, but maternity too!

Welcome to the world Emma L! Newborn photos in April, 2021

Ready to have me create some portraits for you and your family? Feel free to reach out to me at dave@dabourphoto.com or 908.995.7273

Mackenzie Turns 2

New Jersey Portrait Photographer

Mackenzie turns 2! Donuts for all!

Don’t you just love it when a client does exactly what you want? Especially when they’re 2!! Mackenzie’s 2nd birthday party theme was donuts – my favorite!

This is another type of photography you don’t see me advertising too often. This is for an existing client that asked if I would do this for them. I’m more than happy to do this type of photography for clients!

Mackenzie turns 2! Donuts for all!

I think I make the same face when I first see a donut!

I used to have these couches in my studio (no longer there). Since Mackenzie had a tutu on, I thought it would be cute to create a photo of her looking up at the dancers on the wall. Mom quickly put her on the couch for the first photo. What I didn’t realize at the time, she had a donut in her hand the entire time! This is NOT the reason why I don’t have the couch there anymore!! The couch was fine (never seen a neater 2 year old!)

Have a special milestone you would like me to capture for you and your family? Let me know! dave@dabourphoto.com or 908.995.7273

Maternity Portraits

Maternity portraits for Autumn and Derek

There are certain types of photography you won’t see advertised on my website but I’m happy to do for certain people. Autumn and Derek are one of those great couples I was honored to capture this special time for them.

I got to know them when I photographed their wedding. Both are in the health care field. The smiles you see on their faces are genuine and they are a pleasure to be around.

One of the many things I love about them is Derek’s sense of humor as demonstrated above. I have to admit I was teaching him all about “Dad jokes” he was going to have to master as a soon to be Dad.

Ready to have me create some portraits for you and your family? Feel free to reach out to me at dave@dabourphoto.com or 908.995.7273

Senior Portraits and More

Summer is a popular time to capture Senior portraits for the upcoming school season. If course you don’t have to be a senior in High School to get your portraits taken over the Summer!

When was the last time you updated your portrait for LinkedIn or your website? You can’t remember? Or you don’t have a LinkedIn account? Or for your corporate directory?

Portraits can be as simple as a head shot or as thorough as capturing who you are and displaying that to others.

Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Session to Match Your Home

Beautiful Bear Creek Mountain resort

Beautiful Bear Creek Mountain resort.

Lehigh Valley Wedding Photography – Dave Dabour Photography

Choosing the perfect location for your session

It’s almost time for your session and we’re trying to decide on a location. Here are some things you’ll want to think about:

  1. Keep in mind the décor of your home. My personal photography style is bright and bold. However, my home is more vintage-themed. I would never have us dressed in bright colors on a canvas in my wall because it doesn’t go with my rustic décor. Make sure you coordinate your outfits and locations to match the décor style of your home. You also will need to coordinate the colors with the walls of your house so they don’t clash.
  2. If you have a rustic home like mine, studio portraits don’t typically look good unless you put them in vintage type frames to make them fit in more.
  3. If you have a more modern home, studio photos will more than likely be your best option.
  4. You can also choose to have a lifestyle session done inside your home. We will come to your house and take photos of your family in your own natural environment. These are beautiful and will look great in your house because they match perfectly.

10 Tips on how to prepare for your session (for girls)

Dance portraits of Amy. Part of the series “Dancers in unusual locations.” Photo by Dave Dabour

Preparation Tips for Senior Girls

Now that you’ve booked your session, we have a few tips for you to help you get ready for your close up. Follow these guidelines the weeks leading up to your session and we’ll take care of the rest!

  1. Choose two to three outfits to wear during your session and lay them out so they are ready to go. Make sure they are clean and wrinkle-free.
  2. Also, don’t forget to pack any accessories you’ll want for each outfit – jewelry, scarves, headbands, etc. Bring matching socks/tights, and shoes for each outfit if one pair won’t go along with all of them.
  3. While you’re at it, if you plan on bringing any props – your ballet shoes, favorite book, softball gear, etc. – go ahead and lay that out as well. If you are going to bring your car to the session and want it to be in photos with you, be sure to wash it the night before/day of your session.
  4. Get a good night’s rest the night before so you can look well rested for your session.
  5. Get your hair cut about one to two weeks prior to your session. Don’t drastically change it from your normal style in case you don’t like it. Have the hair stylist show you some easy styles you can do during outfit changes to switch it up a bit.
  6. Practice your makeup the week leading up to your session so you can get it just right the day of. We do offer professional makeup artist services with several of our packages. This is something we strongly suggest you look into for your session.
  7. If you wake up two days prior to your session, or the morning of, and acne has appeared on your face – don’t pick at it and make it worse while trying to get rid of it. Apply some makeup over the area (not too heavy) and leave it at that. We offer basic retouching, which includes blemish removal; so don’t even worry about it.
  8. Get a manicure the day before or day of your session to ensure your nails look their best. Don’t forget that the color needs to match all of your outfits. For this reason, and to keep a clean appearance, we suggest going with the French manicure or just a clear coat of paint.
  9. Practice a nice natural smile and cute poses in a mirror or send us over some things we can talk to you about that will help you relax – your favorite movie, your boyfriend, etc.
  10. If you are doing a session with your BFF or BF, don’t forget to coordinate an outfit with them so you guys don’t clash.