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Nasty Thunderstorm

We had a nasty thunderstorm roll through here recently. This one had strong winds that actually blew down my metal/cloth gazebo in my backyard and ripped my US flag and bracket out of the wall!

If I didn’t know better I would think this photo was a tornado. But it wasn’t and had no rotation.



More Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain

The wet pattern around here goes on and on. If this continues into winter we’ll be in trouble!

Additional photos can be found here.


Sunset Rainbow


Some unplanned for showers developed over the area the other evening right around sunset. If you look closely you can see the bottom of the rainbow in this picture as caught on the way out of Home Depot.


Bridge Crossing


While driving back from NY yesterday, I nice view of a wet Throgs Neck bridge. I avoided most of the thunderstorms and rain on my return trip to New Jersey. There were some wet roadways as you can see but nothing more.


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