Dance Portraits in the Snow

New Jersey and Lehigh Valley Dance Photographer

Have you ever dreamed about dancing in the snow? I’ve dreamed about creating dance portraits in the snow!

Interested in dance portraits in the snow?

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  • I’m primarily looking for ballet and pointe but will also consider lyrical and other types of dance.
  • I’ll want dancers in a dance costume/outfit (see sample images) Leggins are OK
  • We’ll stay local looking for a picturesque location
  • Ideally, I’d prefer a small group of dancers. While I’m photographing one dancer, everyone else can stay bundled up!
  • A small session fee will be charged and will include some images with the ability to purchase more!

For more information and to signup please go here.


Ice Threat Melts; More Snow Thursday

Fog in Stewartsville Tuesday morning after overnight rain

Thankfully the ice threat never materialized in southern locations overnight. Much warmer air overtook the area as the storm system passed to our west and we were on the “warm” side of the storm.

When warmer air hits the cold snow pack, it common to make fog as is seen in many areas this morning

Ice? I did not see nay in Stewartsville area overnight as the temperature was just above freezing all night. Anyone get ice? If so please let me know in the comments

Overnight lows in northern NJ tuesday morning, Feb. 16, 2021

As shown on the above map, overnight low temperatures. I’m sure many of these were recorded just after midnight

Overnight rainfall in northern NJ, Feb. 16, 2021

And then there’s the rain. Many areas received at least 3/4″ of an inch and some more. This should put a nice dent in the snowpack. But don’t worry snow lovers – reinforcements are on the way!

NWS snow forecast for Thursday

Speaking of snow, our next parade of storms will arrive on Thursday. At this point this storm appears to be somewhat colder and snowier than the last storm. Look for snow to arrive Thursday morning and last a good part of the day. The snow looks to be plowable and be in the 4-8″ range – more to the north and less to the south.

Warmer air looks to arrive thursday night and change many areas (especially south) to a wintry mix of first sleet and then possibly freezing rain.

We’ll keep an eye on this and update accordingly.

Some good news? After this storm the atmosphere looks to “take a break” for a little while so expect some calmer and seasonable conditions. But remember: it’s still winter and still February!

Satellite Photo of Blizzard


The snow left behind by this weekend’s massive storm can be seen from space!

This image, taken by the Suomi NPP satellite’s VIIRS instrument around 1:15pm EST on January 24, 2016, shows the aftermath of Blizzard 2016 in true color (

Image via NOAA’s Environmental Visualization Laboratory (



Whoa what a storm! I’ll be posting more photos of the blizzard of 2016 as time permits.

I wanted to share that a photo a took is on the front page of today’s paper – not that anyone will be able to see it since I’m sure delivery will be extremely limited today. But if you have a subscription, you can read the online digital replica for no extra cost.


December 29 Snowfall

Here’s a collection of photos from the December 29, 2012 snowfall. I received a total of 3.7” of snow.


It didn’t start out too impressive in the morning. In fact we had what is called graupel. It’s a sign of warming in the upper levels of the atmosphere which results in the ends of the snowflakes getting melted off.


Things started to pick up closer to mid day



The end result was worth it!

Dancing Frost

OK I know that’s a strange title. But as a photographer, its difficult for me to blog about this because I don’t have photographic evidence.


It was a cold morning (10 degrees!). As I greeted my rental car, it had a nice wintertime display on all the windows courtesy of Jack Frost.

OK here’s the hard part. As I started driving, I noticed one of the frosty snowflakes on the windshield started spinning! I can assure you I was awake and not hallucinating! As I picked up speed, the spinning flake flew off the windshield. It was so young!

As I drove across PA and into Ohio, below are some of the images from the road showing the recent snow and ice that was on the roadside trees.





Snow Pile Update


Frequent blog readers will recognize I posted a large pile of early season snow at our local mall back on November 7th. That was 9 days after the freak October snowstorm which dumped 8” of snow to the area.

This picture to the left is what’s left of the same pile. This is over 2 weeks ago! I think the snow being so wet had a lot to do with how long it lasted.


JCP&L Tent City


I heard on the radio today that finally all JCP&L customers that lost power are now OK.

The local electric company setup a tent city at our local mall. They used is as a central area for stocking supplies and it looks like doing the laundry and other services for the out of town workers.

WP_000959I even saw a truck on the high way recently from Alabama Power!