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Spring has sprung – finally!!

Daffodils in the sun

Reading in the garden

Let your pink shine through


Spring’s On The Way











A sure sign that Spring is near!


Dewey Start


While strolling out to get the newspaper, I was impressed with how much dew was on the grass and how the morning sunlight was reflecting on it. It almost looks like frost! While it was somewhat a cooler morning compared to late thanks to yesterday’s cold front, it was by no means cool or anywhere near frosty conditions. The rain from the weak thunderstorm yesterday helped increase the ground moisture.


Don’t Trim The Shade

Lunch In the Shade

A team of tree trimmers has been in the area for a couple of weeks now trimming trees around power lines. This of course is a good thing to keep electricity flowing during storms. But I was surprised to see them pull up in front of my house. Why? My electric service is underground! I soon realized they wanted to take advantage of the fine shade my maple and oak trees provide on the front lawn. I didn’t mind as long as they keep their chain saws in the truck!

I think it a little ironic they are benefiting from something they take away from some other people’s lawns…


Another Day, Another Nest (or two)


Since the Robin’s nest story didn’t end on a positive note (for the robin) I have another addition to the property. I think these are finches.

There are two very interesting facts with this nest. The first is this is the third year in a row that either these birds or descendants, have built there nest in the same exact location!

Now the second fact is the nest is located here: 161-2

Yep that’s right in a hanging basket on my front porch that is *not* there year round!

Another interesting fact is this next was built in record time. I think it was a day! Yes they are small birds but I think more than two of them were at work. I guess it takes a village…


Spectacular Sunset Clouds


These clouds looked a lot more threatening that they were. Right around sunset, they were the result of an area of thunderstorms in eastern PA.


Severe Thunderstorm with Hail


Severe thunderstorms passed through last night after 9pm. They were not in the forecast too much before dinner time.

I managed to catch a nice picture of a lightening bolt that was about 2.5 miles away from my house to the south.

The severe thunderstorm also managed to drop pea sized hail near the beginning of the storm


Baby Robins Hatched


It’s been a while since I posted a photo of the robin eggs. There were four (4) total. And as you can see from today’s photos they hatched! I caught them napping while the parent was away gathering food. I hope they leave soon because that bush needs a trimming!


Scenic View


I pass by this often but today the weather was great and I wasn’t in a rush so I stopped by for a quick picture. This is the scenic rest area on 78 West just before 287 in New Jersey. This photo is looking SW and taken from my Samsung Focus.


Stormy Weather


A photograph of approaching storm clouds. Within an hour later heavy rain fell upon the area with a few rumbles of thunder as well.


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