Dance Portraits in the Snow

New Jersey Dance Photography

Dance portraits with Molly in the early morning after an overnight snowfall. Photo by DAVE DABOUR

I’ll start this story by pointing out that I have had the privilege of photography Molly for several years.

Molly has been dancing for many years as her older sisters also dance.

I’ve always wanted to create some snow dance portrait images. So, I started collecting names of interested dancers. Then waited. And waited. And waited some more on this snowless winter of 2022-23!

Then finally snow was in the forecast. Several dancers replied they were interested but ONLY if school was closed (it was an overnight snowfall). One of the dancers. Molly said if she only had a delayed opening, she would be willing to get up early for this! A teenager who would be willing to give up sleep in the morning to go outside and freeze for the art of dance photography. How can I say no to that! She’s a trooper!

Dance Photography Services Available

New Jersey Dance Photography – Lehigh Valley Dance Photographer.

Regular readers of my blog know that I specialize in dance photography, but I wanted to let others know what types of dance photography services are available.

Any questions please visit or contact me!

Dance Portraits in the Snow

Dabour Photography

New Jersey and Lehigh Valley Dance Photographer

Have you ever dreamed about dancing in the snow? I’ve dreamed about creating dance portraits in the snow!

Interested in dance portraits in the snow?

Sign up today to be notified when the next opportunity presents itself. No obligation.

  • I’m primarily looking for ballet and pointe but will also consider lyrical and other types of dance.
  • I’ll want dancers in a dance costume/outfit (see sample images) Leggins are OK
  • We’ll stay local looking for a picturesque location
  • Ideally, I’d prefer a small group of dancers. While I’m photographing one dancer, everyone else can stay bundled up!
  • A small session fee will be charged and will include some images with the ability to purchase more!

For more information and to signup please go here.


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New Composite Sizes Available!

Three new composite sizes available.

The first is 10 x 30″ This composite is ideal for up to 6-10 images. It’s printed on a double thick matboard which not only gives it strength but allows it to display on its own or inside a frame. $119

Next up is the 10 x 20″ composite. This size is ideal for 5-7 images. Like the one above, you can have a name on top and year and/or dance studio or dance phrase on the bottom. $89

Last but certainly not least is the 10 x 13″ composite. This size can handle 3-4 images. $69

I’ll be more than happy to show you proof online of this before having these created – just ask!

And don’t forget to let me know the name on the top and if just the year on the bottom is OK or if you want anything else. The year on the bottom is standard.

All of these composites can be framed.

These new composite sizes join what I already offer:

5 x 30″ $89 can also be vertical
11 x 14″ $89
8 x 10 composite $69

NOTE: Prices current as of November 2022 and subject to change without notice based on market conditions.

Art For Sale

Several people over the years have asked me if any of my “art” is available for purchase. Of course, the answer is always yes but I never had one specific place to direct people to for “general purpose” artwork. Now I do. I’m trying out a new provider that offers this service. Let me know what you think!

Family Portraits for the Plaxe Family

New Jersey Family Portrait Photographer

Portraits of the Plaxe family in October 2020. Photo by DAVE DABOUR

There’s something about getting a family together for portraits in the fall. The weather is cooler and the air crisper.

Let’s capture memories that will last a lifetime!

Family Portraits for the Wert Family

New Jersey Family Portrait Photographer

Family portraits for the Wert Family in December 2020

You’ve heard me say before how much I love creating family portraits – especially in the Fall

What I love about this family is twofold: I not only photographed them before, but they were brave enough to go out on a chilly and breezy day!

And sometimes you get something unexpected when you put all the brothers and sisters together

And it’s always nice to give them options for holiday cards

When was the last time you updated your family portrait? If you still can’t remember the date it’s time for an update! Let’s create some that you are proud to hang on your wall! Contact me for more information at or 908.995.7273

Dance Portraits for Lucille

New Jersey – Lehigh Valley Dance Photography

Dance portraits for Lucielle at SBK in August 2020. Photo by DAVE DABOUR

Lucille was a pleasure to have in my studio for some dance portraits

Dance portraits for Lucielle in August 2020. Photo by DAVE DABOUR

At first she came out with the adorable costume so I asked her to get into character and this is what she did!

After that, she turned on the cuteness all the way!

Ready for me to create some great dance portraits for you or someone you know?

I provide the following dance photography services:

  • dance portraits (recital or personal/groups)
  • action photos of dance rehearsals or recitals
  • candid portraits of dancers at rehearsal
  • video recording of events and recitals

In need of any of the above or want to find out more information? Please contact me at dave at or 908.995.7273

Macher Wedding Photography

New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Wedding day portraits for Greg and Cat

Cat and Greg’s wedding was delayed due to COVID-19 like so many others in the past 18 months.

Cat and Greg were a pleasure to work with. I also had the pleasure to create engagement portraits for them. Their sense of humor and adventure are priceless!

The church was important to Cat as her Mother also got married there.

I created a special image for them (left) that was very similar to what was done for her parents.

Their reception was at Hawk Pointe Golf Club in Washington New Jersey. I’ve photographed weddings and events there before. The location is ideal and the staff very friendly!

Wedding day portraits for Greg and Cat

Unfortunately Cat’s father came down with COVID-19 right before her wedding and could not attend in person. He’s now fully recovered and doing well! Cat and Greg put their wedding attire back on recently and we had another portrait session with her Dad! Look for an upcoming posting featuring those photos!