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Dancing Frost

OK I know that’s a strange title. But as a photographer, its difficult for me to blog about this because I don’t have photographic evidence.


It was a cold morning (10 degrees!). As I greeted my rental car, it had a nice wintertime display on all the windows courtesy of Jack Frost.

OK here’s the hard part. As I started driving, I noticed one of the frosty snowflakes on the windshield started spinning! I can assure you I was awake and not hallucinating! As I picked up speed, the spinning flake flew off the windshield. It was so young!

As I drove across PA and into Ohio, below are some of the images from the road showing the recent snow and ice that was on the roadside trees.






Frosty Start


The last Sunday morning before Christmas started off on the cold side. In fact in many places it was probably the coldest morning of the new cold season.

Frost Morning


On the second morning in the new month of December, overnight temperatures fell into the upper 20’s. That combined with a clear sky and calm conditions created a frosty start to the morning!


Driveway Snow Stakes, Ready


I felt ridiculous putting these up today because it was near 70 degrees again outside. But the calendar almost says December, and we already had 8” of snow! Without these stakes in the ground, it makes shoveling/snow blowing quite difficult with a decent snowfall.


Snow Pile Update


Frequent blog readers will recognize I posted a large pile of early season snow at our local mall back on November 7th. That was 9 days after the freak October snowstorm which dumped 8” of snow to the area.

This picture to the left is what’s left of the same pile. This is over 2 weeks ago! I think the snow being so wet had a lot to do with how long it lasted.


Winter Has Arrived!


On Friday morning we had our coldest morning of the new cold season so far. We also had our first freeze as you can see in the photo of ice on my deck to the left.

What was somewhat unusual is we had our first freeze before we had our first frost. We just never had clear, calm cool evenings in the 30’s so far. We had some early mornings in the 30’s but there was wind which prevents a frost from forming.

More of the frozen stuff is on the horizon as wet snow is in the forecast for Saturday. So I guess I need to put my shorts away?


Warm Winter Ahead?


I noticed the season’s first wooly caterpillar at my house. It didn’t look as big and woolly as past years. Sign of a warmer winter ahead? Or perhaps he was just reacting to the insecticide that was put on the lawn a few days earlier? Time will tell…


Parking Lot Glaciers Recede


This pile of snow and ice was large enough to not only block out the stores behind it but the trees as well. In fact it turned into a mini ski slope. OK maybe that didn’t happen but this is what’s left of the pile after several heavy spring rains and warmer temperatures.


Another Snowy Morning


A lot of folks thought the snow was over for winter. Me too. But within the last 24 hours we received another 2.5” of the white stuff.

What was nice about this snow fall is how it stuck to all the trees – very picturesque!


Location, Location


It’s so important. If you landed on the stick, you survived and have nice views. Land a few inches away, you melt away…


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