Playhouse Acting: Wizard of Oz

I had the pleasure once again of photographing and recording the video for the Playhouse Acting Workshop at WCCC.

It amazes me each year how these kids can go from no knowing each other or the show they are going to perform, to 3 and 1/2 days later put on a 25 minute show!

Additional photos are available here.


Yep, She’s Dead


In finishing out my series on the “Wizard of Oz” I though this a perfect photo to wrap up the series.

For a complete list of all the photos please visit my Wizard of Oz album.


Dorothy Times Three


Not one, not two, but three Dorothy’s for the price of one! These two little ones were stopping by for an autograph of the real thing.

Performances of “Wizard of Oz” enter their final weekend with tickets still available on Feb 12 & 13 at

Additional photos here.


Cowardly Lion


Photos from a recent technical rehearsal of Pre-SKIT’s “Wizard of Oz.” Performances are today until February 13, 2011. Tickets and details at

If you do head out to a show today, please do exercise extreme cautions some roads are extremely slick due to the freezing rain.

Additional photos are located here.