Best Images of 2022 Winner

© 2022 Dave Dabour

I am so honored to have one of my images selected and featured in Behind the Shutter magazine as image of the year!

To see some of the other wonderful images selected, please click here.

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Dance portraits for Natalee

New Jersey – Lehigh Valley Dance Photographer

© 2018 Dave Dabour

I love creating dance composites. This one popped up in my memories recently for one I created for Natalee. I love going into the same dance studio year after year and creating these and watching the dancers grow up!

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The Name of My Reindeer?

New Jersey – Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

At the end of a family portrait session with one of my favorite families who’s also a dancer, on the way out he turns to me and says, “what’s the name of the reindeer?” I replied hesitantly “while I don’t know. I don’t think he has a name. What name should I give him?” Blake thinks a moment and then says “Dancer!”

Of course, it’s Dancer! Not only because he’s always dancing around in the wind, but I photograph a lot of dancers!!! LOL

Holiday Portraits for Kayla

New Jersey – Lehigh Valley Dance Photographer

I had another great dance session with the beautiful and talented Kayla. This time with a holiday flair!

Kayla loves her LaDuca boots!

© 2022 Dave Dabour

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All photos © 2022 Dave Dabour.

Sports Collages

New Jersey – Lehigh Valley Sports Photography

Phillipsburg Liners field hockey against Hillsborough September 29, 2022. Photo by DAVE DABOUR

I love creating one of a kind collages for my clients. Sports work best but can also be done for other types of photography too.

Collages can be several different types.

We can keep it simple with just one images with custom colors

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Stepka-Neena Wedding

Photo of Victoria and Michael’s wedding day on November 22, 2022

Victoria and Michael had a beautiful wedding day. The weather in November can be tricky. The recent cold spell had everyone concerned. But everything came together for a beautiful morning.

Family and friends gathered in sunshine to share the special day

Somerset county courthouse

The Somerset County courthouse provides a nice backdrop for the newlyweds

Photo of Victoria and Michael’s wedding on November22, 2022. Photo by DAVE DABOUR

Holiday Dance Portraits: Friends Edition

Sneek peek at more dance holiday portraits. These two have been dance friends for over 11 years!

Molly and her sisters have been in front of my lens many times for many years

I’ve also had the pleasure of photographing Jordin in the past.

The best part of a friend’s session is the group poses. These two didn’t disappoint and wanted to get them right!

Holiday Light dance portraits for Molly and Jordin. Photo by DAVE DABOUR

I’m quite pleased with the duo pose. It was a late find by my wife. I didn’t think they could pull it off with dresses, but they did it!

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Family Holiday Portraits

Family portraits for the Luyben family in December 2022. Photo by DAVE DABOUR

I’ve known this family for years and I’m so glad I do! I not only had the pleasure of photographing their wedding, but their maternity, newborn and at least yearly family portraits. It’s a joy to see them and watch their family grow.

Family portraits for the Luyben family in December 2022. Photo by DAVE DABOUR

I spent quite a bit of time with Santa this weekend and he was nice enough to help me out with a few photos with them as well!

Family portraits for the Luyben family in December 2022. Photo by DAVE DABOUR
Family portraits for the Luyben family in December 2022. Photo by DAVE DABOUR

I spent a fair amount of time planning this pose and getting ready for it. Emma was a champ and nailed it. But as I’m editing it, I can’t help wondering what she’s thinking: “I’m outside on a sled in the snow…. wearing short sleeves and NO coat!!” LOL. I still love the pose,

Family portraits for the Luyben family in December 2022. Photo by DAVE DABOUR

Every once in a while, (OK maybe every time!) I come up with a wacky pose idea for them. Before I even finished telling them about it, Derek always says “I’m in!” In this one he’s grabbing his wife with a large candy cane. I smile every time I look at his facial expressions!

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Operation Toy Train 2022

Photo of 98 fire members participating in the annual Toys for Tots Operation Toy Train on Sunday December 4, 2022. Photo by DAVE DABOUR

A gallery of images from Operation Toy Train’s stop in Stewartsville, NJ for the annual Toys for Tots donation event. Hosted by the Stewartsville Vol. Fire Company and Greenwich Rescue squad.

Santa and Mrs. Claus visited with everyone that participated! Cookies and hot chocolate too!

For more photos from this event please visit here.