Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

Lehigh Valley Dance Photography

Photo of the PYB – Ballet Guild of the Lehigh Valley rehearsing for their 2021 recital. © Dave Dabour

I had the unexpected pleasure of photographing the Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. They are part of the Ballet Guild of the Lehigh Valley.

Photo of the PYB – Ballet Guild of the Lehigh Valley rehearsing for their 2021 recital. © Dave Dabour

Like many dance studios, they were deeply impacted by the pandemic. They didn’t perform a traditional recital this year but still wanted to capture the extreme talents of all the dancers

I normally don’t have the pleasure of photographing them. They’re regular photographer took ill and I was glad they reached out to me and I was available!

They are all extremely talented dancers and I was honored to be able to photograph them. It would have been nice to photograph them with studio lights but given the pandemic, they requested only dance studio images.

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A Chat with Ashley Bouder

For all my dancers out there I highly recommend this interview with Ashley Bouder. This was a Zoom session I participated in with on Friday. Has I known in advance how much Ashley was going to share, I would have shared the invite with all the dance school and dance teachers that are clients of mine.

Ashley Bouder is a principal dancer with the New York City Ballet and is the founder of the Ashley Bouder Project. She sat down with Pas de Deux on April 17, 2020, to talk about the Coronavirus quarantine and life as a professional dancer. She discusses dealing with injuries and what it’s like to be a principal dancer, and how to conduct yourself at auditions. The video is an hour long.