Candid Dance Portraits for Avery

New Jersey Dance Photographer

Another extremely popular item with dance candid’s is to take 5, 6 or 7 photos and combine them into a beautiful 5×30″ composite. This is truly a keepsake! It’s printed on durable double matboard and can be displayed as is or in a frame. These are ideal above doorways or in unusual locations and can be either horizontal or vertical!

Want me to create one of these for you? I’d love to! Please call 908.995.7273 or for more information.

Dance Portraits for Nicco

New Jersey Dance Photographer

I always enjoy having a guy in front of my camera for dance portraits no matter what their age

It’s not only a great form of exercise but good for teamwork and socialization. Plus, he’ll have plenty of female friends when he gets older! 🙂