Christmas Thoughts

20121224_210120_LLSI hope everyone had a great Christmas and got everything they wanted.

I was scheduled to usher at my church at the midnight mass. Traditionally we go to the early evening mass and I wasn’t crazy about staying up so late.

But in doing so allowed us to relax after dinner and before going out with a nice glass of wine by the fireplace in front of the Christmas tree!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

Reflecting On Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve 2011

Something magical happened this Christmas Eve – well that too but what I’m talking about is I remembered to bring my camera to church. What’s that you say? Camera at church? Why would you do such a thing? Well our church, Church of the Holy Spirit in Lebanon, NJ still holds candlelight services on Christmas Eve with REAL candles. After the service is over its common for people to take out their point and shoots or phone cameras and snap some pictures like what you see above.

There are some additional photos available here.

I’m *real* close to finishing up my Project 365! Tomorrow is the last day! It will most likely feature some photos of an event I’m going to this evening.


Merry Christmas Eve


All is relatively quiet this Christmas Eve 2011. I ran some errands this morning. The roads and stores were busier than usual which is to be expected. A quiet dinner is planned then off to usher at church.

May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace, the gladness of hope and warmth of family and friends.