Dance portraits for Natalee

New Jersey – Lehigh Valley Dance Photographer

© 2018 Dave Dabour

I love creating dance composites. This one popped up in my memories recently for one I created for Natalee. I love going into the same dance studio year after year and creating these and watching the dancers grow up!

Dance portraits sessions available. For more information please contact me.

Sports Collages

New Jersey – Lehigh Valley Sports Photography

Phillipsburg Liners field hockey against Hillsborough September 29, 2022. Photo by DAVE DABOUR

I love creating one of a kind collages for my clients. Sports work best but can also be done for other types of photography too.

Collages can be several different types.

We can keep it simple with just one images with custom colors

Ready for me to create one for you? Contact me for more information!

Albert Peterson Collage


I was finishing up the Bye Bye Birdie photos with some picture collages. I have this great program which does colleges like this that I don’t use as often as I should. So this was an excuse to take it out for a spin on a rainy afternoon.

Tomorrow will feature more publicity pictures for Hairspray so get ready!