First Holy Communion Portraits

Holy Communion images created just for Sophia K. Photo by DAVE DABOUR

First Holy Communion is a momentous time in your child’s life. The moment needs to be captured to mark the occasion and to look back on it in the future.

What to wear for first holy communion portraits

Traditional attire for girls. Girls usually will wear the dress or outfit they will be wearing at the service. Typically, this is a white dress that can be suited to your style and budget

Traditional attire for boys. Boy will put on a suit perhaps for the first time in their life! If not a suit, then whatever they will be wearing at the service. Simple shirt and slacks is fine if a suit is not appropriate

Holy communion photos for Tia in 2018. Photo by DAVE DABOUR

Where to take first holy communion portraits

Indoor options. The ideal location is my photography studio. This is ideal because it’s weather independent and the lighting and backdrop will be perfect. If that’s not an option, then someplace with good lighting, near a large window that faces north

Outdoor options. If an outdoor location is desired, you need to think about lighting and backdrop. Try to avoid direct sunlight. A nice, shaded area works well. Then concentrate on what the background of the photo will be. Look for something that is not distracting from your beautiful child.

How to prepare for first holy communion portraits

Skincare and grooming tips. Make sure their hair, face and exposed skin is clean and well groomed. Avoid too much sun leading up to the day of the portrait.

Tips for posing. Besides having a traditional pose of them looking at the camera, try some poses with them looking to the side and up. Also, if they have any props like rosary beads, they can look at them.

Tips for getting the perfect shot. Have the pose on the floor, sitting as well as standing. Kneeling is also another favorite and something they will most likely be doing at the church. Of course, you must keep in mind their attention span. Take too long and you will not have treasured memories. This is why using a professional photographer is recommended. They know how to pose and move quickly. Besides your child is more likely to cooperate with someone they don’t (yet) know.

Creative ideas for first holy communion portraits

Including family members and friends. This is a wonderful time to include other family members in the photo once you get enough of your child by themselves.

Incorporating religious symbols and props. Rosary beads, a bible and or a prayer book make wonderful props for these types of memories.

Candid shots versus posed shots. In between posed shots, get some photos of your child just being themselves. Also get some images of them not looking at the camera and/or interacting with other people

I realize all of this sounds like a lot of work and time. It can be. But it’s an important milestone in your child’s life they will enjoy looking back on when they get older. They will realize the importance of family and recognize these accomplishments and want to pass them onto their family.

Does all of this sound wonderful but you don’t have the expertise to do it yourself? I’m running a limited time special on first holy communion portraits. Contact me today to schedule your session!