Motor Vehicle Accident

One of two cars involved in the accident

Members of the Stewartsville Volunteer Fire Company respond to a call of a motor vehicle accident at Greenwich and Dumont Streets in the township. Upon arriving they found both airbags deployed.

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Not A Good Way To End Holiday Weekend


Two cars collided on Route 173 and the exit ramp of 78 west exit 3. One plate had New York and the other NJ. Air bags were deployed but there were no injuries. That alone is a testament to air bags and new safety features in cars today.

And the next time I’m having a bad day, I’m going to think of the tow truck operator who climbed underneath the two cars (center), in a the leaking fluids and heat of the day, to hook up the car on the left to the tow.

Additional photos


MVA Route 22 and Greenwich Street


While running errands this morning I passed by a motor vehicle accident that just happened. The red car crashed into the barrier. Also involved and not seen in this photo was another blue car (off to the right and temporarily parked in the median). No one appeared to be hurt which is good news as always.


98 Fire-MVA-PI

98 Fire responds to a call for MVA with PI and air bag deployment. Upon arriving members of the Stewartsville Volunteer Fire Company de-energize the vehicles and assist with traffic.

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