Central Park Reservoir


On our last day in the Big Apple, we decided to rent some bikes and go through central park – something I’ve never done even though I’ve lived in the NY/NJ area all my life. We stopped briefly at the reservoir and I captured this photos. Yes the water was as green as depicted. But it wasn’t a bad green – sort of a tropical seawater type of green. I’m not sure if this is used for drinking in the city as I know a lot of their water comes further north in the Adirondack mountains.


View From Hotel

View from hotel_Photo_87DE1577-0B3E-0060-BF51-5640E5282795

Our hotel room in NYC had a view to the west as seen to the left. Our friends had a view of Times Square. But because of where there room was, you couldn’t see down to the street which was too bad.




Here’s a close up of cruise ships at port waiting to depart.


Made It On Broadway


I finally made it to the big time – Broadway NYC! That’s me on the inset photo with the what shorts on. For those unfamiliar, there’s a large forever 21 billboard on Broadway across from the Marriot that displays a video camera of people walking by. It randomly “snaps” a photo of someone waling by and managed to grab me of sorts. Now I’m just waiting for the autograph requests… It may be a long wait I feel.