Update On Robin’s Nest/ Canon Autofocus Modes


For those waiting for an update on the baby Robin’s, I unfortunately don’t have good news. I checked on them Monday evening and all was OK (Memorial Day). Around lunch time on Tuesday, there was silence and the nest was empty. First I thought they couldn’t have learned to fly *that* fast. Upon looking around a little more I noticed some branches on the bush they were in were broken. It appeared something (small animal?) found them and climbed up into the bush and, well, fill in the blanks. I also found some parts of the nest on the lawn in front of the bush. Interestingly enough the nest is still in tact but the bush did undergo some sort of duress. The parents are no where to be found and not too much other signs of what happened anywhere. Survival of the fittest I suppose.

In other news we are under yet another Tornado watch today. Luckily it doesn’t look like too much is going to happen. So far we didn’t even get a thunderstorm but there was some thunder to the north and a few raindrops.

imageIn photography news I found a download on Canon’s website that has some “Quick Guides.” The one that I found the most useful is a guide to EOS 7D Autofocus Modes. I recently (within the last 6 months) started exploring the different focusing modes on my current camera body and I wish I did so sooner. the online link to the website in general is http://usa.canon.com/dlc. It’s the Canon Digital Learning Center. If you search for “QuickGuide to EOS 7D Autofocus Modes” I’m sure you’ll find it. If not let me know and I’ll see if I can find the entire direct link.

I’ve heard it said time and again from other pro photogs that you need to know your camera and gear like the back of your hand. It’s true. That is what separates us from non-pro photogs. I know regularly change my focus points when doing certain types of photography and I know my work has increased in quality as a result. Far fewer “gee I wish that part of the photograph was sharp.” Now I decide on what I want sharp and focus on that focus point!