Silhouetting A Volunteer

Last night I was photographing the Stewartsville Volunteer Fire Co. performing a live burn drill at the Warren County Fire Academy.

As dusk was settling in I noticed one of the participants up on the roof. I could have adjusted my camera settings to capture his face but I though the silhouette was a much better photograph.

It captures the spirit of both volunteering and serving your community. All of these people probably had better things to do on a Monday evening. But practicing and learning new life saving skills is paramount to these volunteer and thank God it is!

Other photos from the evening.

CO Alarm


In what has been a series of CO Alarm calls, 98 Fire responds to another one on Wednesday morning. This is somewhat typical during the first real cold snap in the area and furnaces are working harder than usual. Also CO alarm batteries do not last forever and typically need to be replaced every 5 years.


Gas Leak in Lopatcong

98 Fire provided mutual aide the other day into Lopatcong township for a report of a gas leak and smoke in a multi tenant residence. Upon arriving they found the unit filled with the smell of natural gas coming from the stove. Luckily no one was hurt and the unit aired out.

Additional photos


Not A Good Way To End Holiday Weekend


Two cars collided on Route 173 and the exit ramp of 78 west exit 3. One plate had New York and the other NJ. Air bags were deployed but there were no injuries. That alone is a testament to air bags and new safety features in cars today.

And the next time I’m having a bad day, I’m going to think of the tow truck operator who climbed underneath the two cars (center), in a the leaking fluids and heat of the day, to hook up the car on the left to the tow.

Additional photos


Structure Fire


Stewartsville Volunteer Fire Company responding to a call for a structure fire in the township on Sunday night. radio reports of a candle and a tablecloth. The fire was out upon arriving to the scene.

What’s eerie about this call is there seems to always be a call before a parade – whether its in town or on mutual aide. Then the clean trucks have to be cleaned again before the parade Smile.