Dance Portraits for Katie

New Jersey Dance Photographer

With some dancers, you just know the first moment you see them strike a pose. Katie is one of those dancers.

We did a sunrise photo shoot with her in Chicago. Her style and grace are first class!

After the sun came up, we used the skyline of Chicago as a backdrop for some more dance portraits.

You can just feel the glow of the sun on her skin as she dances on the shoreline.

I wish I had a chance to create more of these with the reflection of the glass.

Ready for me to create some great dance portraits for you or someone you know?

I provide the following dance photography services:

  • dance portraits (recital or personal/groups)
  • action photos of dance rehearsals or recitals
  • candid portraits of dancers at rehearsal
  • video recording of events and recitals

In need of any of the above or want to find out more information? Please contact me at dave at or 908.995.7273

Dancers in Unusual Locations

Dance Photography

I started a personal project several years titled “photographing dancers in unusual locations.”

Dance portraits for Rebecca and Nata in Chicago Summer 2021

We’re all familiar with dance portraits in a studio or stage. There’s something about dance portraits where you don’t expect them

A busy street bridge in downtown Chicago certainly qualifies. The dancers were never in harms way…

Or how about an early morning with the Chicago skyline as your backdrop…

Speaking of mornings, how about sunrise before the sun rises?

And them once the sun rises, let’s have a little fun with it 🙂



Frequent blog readers know that I take a lot of sunset photos but not many sunrise. Why? I’m usually sleeping!

But thanks to a recent trip I was up early and my hotel room on the 5th floor had a nice view to the east.

What’s also special about this photo is my oldest daughter, who’s an RN now working the night shift, took a picture of the same sunrise some 700 miles away!