Holiday Portraits

I’ve always wanted to create some unique and fun holiday portraits for dancers. I’m usually way too crazy this time of year to do it but this year I decided to give it a go.

The result is some fantastic images were created!

I’ve been photographing Blake for years. He’s becoming a great dancer! He was also a good spirit. I had this crazy idea in my head for a pose and he went ahead with it:

I wanted to capture someone trying to put light on a tree and the next thing you know there’s more light on you than the tree! LOL

I’ve also had the pleasure of photographing Penny for several years. Not only a talented dancer but also does some modeling in NYC. Penny wanted to try a few jumps. Normally I love jumps but with lights? She managed to pull it off!

This was the first time I photographed Julia and Emily. They are sisters that both dance. They did a great job!

While I was photographing them together, I had this vision in my head for a photograph. It wasn’t dance related per say but definitely holiday related:

Holiday Light dance portraits 2022. Photo by DAVE DABOUR

I LOVE this image and glad I took some time to create it!

Ready for some holiday portraits for the dancer in your life? Now is the time! Here’s a secret: it doesn’t have to be dancers. Athletes and families do just great too!

Mention you saw my blog posting here and I’ll honor the 50% session fee discount!

Portrait sessions are available on the first two weekends in December. Interested but need another time? Just contact me regarding availability!

For more information, please visit here:

New Composite Sizes Available!

Three new composite sizes available.

The first is 10 x 30″ This composite is ideal for up to 6-10 images. It’s printed on a double thick matboard which not only gives it strength but allows it to display on its own or inside a frame. $119

Next up is the 10 x 20″ composite. This size is ideal for 5-7 images. Like the one above, you can have a name on top and year and/or dance studio or dance phrase on the bottom. $89

Last but certainly not least is the 10 x 13″ composite. This size can handle 3-4 images. $69

I’ll be more than happy to show you proof online of this before having these created – just ask!

And don’t forget to let me know the name on the top and if just the year on the bottom is OK or if you want anything else. The year on the bottom is standard.

All of these composites can be framed.

These new composite sizes join what I already offer:

5 x 30″ $89 can also be vertical
11 x 14″ $89
8 x 10 composite $69

NOTE: Prices current as of November 2022 and subject to change without notice based on market conditions.

Art For Sale

Several people over the years have asked me if any of my “art” is available for purchase. Of course, the answer is always yes but I never had one specific place to direct people to for “general purpose” artwork. Now I do. I’m trying out a new provider that offers this service. Let me know what you think!

Summer Skirts and Scarves

I had a blast photographing some of my favorite dancers in a late summer special featuring skirts and scarves!

I plan to do more of these, each with its own theme! Contact me to get on the list to be notified!

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What To Wear: Head Shots

Navigating the ins-and-outs of professional style can be tricky. Here are five helpful recommendations on choosing the right outfit for your headshot!

  1. Keep it authentic and genuine to who you are as a person. Don’t overdo it! Be sure that this is something you are willing to wear in your everyday routine.
  2. Sometimes, less is more. Begin with finding your outfit first. Find colors that mesh with your personality. Your outfit reveals who you are as a person!
  3. Have multiple options! We can shoot more than one look to ensure we capture your personality correctly. Try to mix it up, go for a bold look with one, and something more natural with the other.
  4. As Jennifer Aniston eloquently puts it in Office Space, “flair!” Accessorize for the occasion. For men, put on those cuff links, equip your best belt, shoes, a tie, and maybe even a scarf. For women, put on the bracelet, necklace, earrings, and throw on your best shoes! (They may not be in the shot, but they can instill absolute confidence needed for your headshot!)
  5. Try, try, and try again. Put together different outfits and see how they work together. Move around, look in the mirror, see if your spouse gives you a second glance as you walk past. You will know when you have it right!
  6. With all of this great advice, it sounds easy, right? It can still be tough, as we often overthink when we are trying to prepare. If you find yourself in a rut, feel free to reach out to me. I am more than happy and take pleasure in helping you succeed! Together we can create the perfect outfit.

Rain Machine Photo Sessions Now Available!

Dancers, Gymnasts, Cheerleaders and Athletes!

This is the photo session you all have been waiting for!! The 2022 Rain Machine!

I created a custom-made rain machine that not only does it all but with heated water from a swimming pool! This is the only rain machine in Northwestern New Jersey. So, bring your outfits that are OK to get wet, costumes, swimsuits, uniforms, or anything you want to dance, jump or cheer in and let’s create some amazing images!

The sessions will take place in the evening starting at 8:30 pm. There will be sessions on August 4-7th 2022. You can book an individual session or a group! I expect the slots to get filled up fast!

NOTE: Other sessions will be added based on demand.

August 17th is FULL!!

August 18th Waiting List Started! Fill out form!

If Thursday August 18th is good for you, please fill out the form/email/text me and let me know and perhaps it will be added!

Interested but can’t make those dates? I may have more in the future. Sign up to be notified when I do. Or better yet get your own group of 4-6 together and receive a discount!

Please go here to find out more information and to sign up!

Any questions let me know.

See you in the rain!


Artist Spotlight in Photoshop User Magazine – February 2022

Pleased to have several of my dance photography images published in this month’s issue of Photoshop User Magazine! #dance #dancephotography #dancephotographer

I would love to create some dance portraits for you or the special dancer in your life. For more examples of my dance photography please visit Please reach out to me for more information! 908.995.7273 or